Month: July 2012


A taste of luxury at the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver

During my recent trip to British Columbia, I stayed with Fairmont Hotels in both Whistler and Vancouver. Having a jam-packed schedule and only a couple of days to explore, I was happy to find that the Fairmont Pacific Rim was located right where I wanted it to be – by the water, in walking distance of great attractions and with… Read more →

parking chairs

Faces of Nanjing

Living in Nanjing was curious. Not only had I never lived or even been to China before; the only comparison I had was a week in Hong Kong, which is amazing but couldn’t be any more different. Nanjing is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, having been the seat of power repeatedly in the country’s long history. Nanjing… Read more →


Mountain biking and canoeing in Whistler

“Pedal and paddle” – mountain biking and canoeing in Whistler, British Columbia. When I saw this activity listed as one of the activities on the itinerary of my recent trip to British Columbia, I couldn’t possibly NOT go for it. Admittedly, the other options for our only morning in Whistler were quite enticing, too (a spa in the mountains, ziplining… Read more →

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