Author: Christina Hegele


Polynesian Spa in Rotorua: perfect after a day of Zorbing, luging and white-water rafting

Meagaan and I had an action-packed day in Rotorua a wee while ago. We started off the day with white-water rafting with our friends at Kaitiaki, then drove on to roll ourselves down a hill in giant hamsterballs (aka zorbing), and topped it off with something non-water-related to dry our hair: the advanced hair dryer called luging. Read more →


Zorbing in Rotorua

New Zealand is famous for all sorts of crazy; tourist operators lure with adventure sports around every corner, one requiring more bravery than the next. It was here that the commercial bungy was “invented”, borrowing the idea of throwing oneself off a high structure from tribal culture in Vanuatu. New Zealand also brought forth another, perhaps even more curious and… Read more →

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