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Help Christchurch rebuild and shape my awesome road trip through New Zealand

Last year I won #Blog4NZ, a social media campaign to promote travel to New Zealand after the Christchurch earthquake. The prize I received is nothing short of an epic adventure, fuelled with adrenaline rushes and cultural immersion galore.

My friend Meagaan and I are embarking on a 15-day road trip adventure full of cultural immersion and adrenaline-fuelled challenges galore. But here’s the thing: what we get up to depends on you!

white water rafting on the Wairoa River

White water rafting on the Wairoa River. Photo by Kaitiaki Adventures

In an effort to publicise the best New Zealand has to offer, the prize package comes with activities and experiences that could provide a multitude of personal challenges not just for one person, but a small crowd! Those generous tourism operators want me to:

  • dive with the sharks
  • bungy jump
  • climb an active volcano (which just erupted…)
  • Skywalk around Auckland’s Sky Tower in 192m height (on the outside of the building, of course)
  • go rafting on grade 5 rapids
  • go sledging in the rapids of the Wairoa River
  • go Zorbing (rolling down a steep hill in a giant hamster ball)

The idea of this competition was to help the country’s tourism sector recover, and to help Christchurch rebuild. 185 people died in the Christchurch earthquake, and many parts of the city were reduced to ruins. The earthquakes have had a profound impact on the whole region’s economy, in which tourism played a crucial part.

You cheer me on with your donation, I’ll do the crazy stuff

Bungy jumping in New Zealand, from Kawarau Bridge, near Queenstown

Bungy jumping from Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown, New Zealand

Now I would love to do New Zealand’s adventure travel sector justice. Cheer me on so that I bungy and try not to fall off Auckland’s Sky Tower! Help me show the world all that New Zealand has to offer and help the country recover:

Donate to my fundraiser for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal!

If you help me help Christchurch get back on their feet, I will do all the adrenaline activities included in the package and tell you all about it right here on Sandal Road.

And to make it a bit more fun, here’s what it takes for me to go the extra mile…:

  • donate £30 and I shall do the über-Zorb (with water in the orb)
  • donate £40 and I shall do the SkyWalk (I am super-scared of heights)
  • donate £50 and I shall do 20 push-ups on Mount Tongariro (proper ones)
  • donate £60 and I shall hold up a sign in a location on our itinerary that reads “[your name] rocks. He/she donated $50 to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal”
  • donate £80 and I shall learn to do the Haka
  • donate £100 and I shall wear a clothing item of your choice when I bungy

If you’d like to take advantage of any of these great offer, let me know on my donation site – you can leave a comment when you make your donation! There will be photographic evidence, of course. And make sure you watch out for our #flashsale as we travel through New Zealand.

Auckland's Skytower SkyWalk

SkyWalk at Auckland’s Sky Tower

Fundraising for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal

The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust was set up following the earthquake on 22 February 2011 the New Zealand High Commission in London to help the people of Christchurch following the major earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. The funds raised have been used to support a variety of charitable projects in the Canterbury region, including community projects, sporting projects and educational projects. Your support of my Blog4NZ trip in form of a donation to the UK Appeal will allow them to continue to support the people of Christchurch as they rebuild their lives and communities.

It’s super easy to show your support: donating to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal is quick and straightforward with MyDonate.

  • You can give any amount you wish, by credit or debit card
  • You can donate from wherever you are in the world. Just click on the button below:

  • You only need to enter the amount you would like to donate in pounds sterling, and its equivalent in your currency will appear on your statement, at the exchange rate of your currency against the pound sterling at the time of your donation.
  • You can leave a comment or message at the time of donation. Make sure you do if you’re keen on one of the offers above!
  • Your donation will be matched by sponsors!

This means whatever amount you donate will be doubled. If you give the equivalent of 5 Dollars, the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal will receive 10 Dollars shortly after the fundraiser closes and all donations have come in (at the end of November)!

Help me help Christchurch get back on their feet, and be part of this adventure!

I hope you’ll follow along as Meagaan and I embark on this amazing adventure and get a taste of all the things New Zealand has to offer! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and connect on Twitter by following @sandalroad and @MeagaanIrishent read them yet!  and the hashtag #Blog4NZ.

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