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Scenic spot on your New Zealand road trip: pit stop at Kekerengu

When you cruise around on a road trip,¬†sooner or later you’ll need some pit stops, so why not make it a scenic one? Admittedly, there¬†is many a scenic stop on a New Zealand road trip. When we were driving south from Picton we stopped at the Store in the tiny settlement of Kekerengu on the South Island. The Store in… Read more →

Panoramic view: Curral das Freiras, Madeira

Today’s panoramic view comes to you from Curral das Freiras on Madeira. Curral das Freiras is Portuguese for Valley of the Nuns. Deep in the valley is the village of the same name, which became the permanent refuge of nuns in the 16th century. The latter fled inland when escaping from pirates attacking and plundering the island from Funchal’s coast… Read more →

Travel photo: Portland Head Light, Maine

Maine is a great place to visit, especially for the lighthouse-spotter! But seriously, this one is the Portland Head Light in Port Elizabeth. It is apparently the world’s most photographed lighthouse! Built in 1787, it stands on cliffs by the channel leading into Casco Bay. Its light is so powerful it can be seen 24 miles away. It had better… Read more →

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