Buying a car or campervan in New Zealand: equipment for your vehicle (VII)

Campervan equipment: Station wagon with custom fit mattress

Station wagon with custom fit mattress

Transportation sorted? You have bought or rented your car or van and are eager to head out on your big New Zealand road trip adventure. All you need is some more campervan equipment. Here’s where you get it!

Campervan equipment for your New Zealand road trip

If you just bought your own car or campervan, you may be thinking of fitting it with a matress and other basic things you will need on a daily basis. So let’s assume you need to fit your car from scratch. The most basic items you will need:

sleeping bags
pillows and pillow cases
camping chairs and table
gas cooker and crockery

An excellent source for all things household and camping is The Warehouse. There you’ll find almost everything you need for your car, from car oil to storage solutions, to camping chairs, pillows and sleeping bags. You’ll find a Warehouse store in most bigger towns in New Zealand. Have a look at their website to find a store in your chosen area.

However, for one of the most important pieces of equipment, your mattress, head to Para Rubber. This is also a chain of stores, but not as omnipresent as The Warehouse. At Para Rubber you can get sheets of foam of varying thickness, custom fit for your car or van. So this is a great option if you don’t have a van that fits regular bed-sized matresses. Of course, if the latter is the case and you’re fine with standard mattresses, you can also check out BestBuys or Harvey Norman.

For everything else, head to an outdoors store, such as Kathmandu. Kathmandu is often less expensive than other well known brands, and offers high quality products for all your outdoor and camping needs, from clothing to equipment to tents and sleeping bags.

Don’t forget that depending on the season you buy your car or van, there may be lots of travellers and backpackers trying to get rid of all their equipment. If you want to buy second hand, have a look at these resources:

Second hand sources:

The Gumtree
Hostel notice boards
Car fairs and backpacker car markets

Essential stores for your equipment:

The Warehouse
Para Rubber
Harvey Norman

Alright, I hope that considerably cuts down the prep time for your road trip. Check back soon for more practical trips on road tripping through New Zealand.

Happy shopping / haggling and enjoy your journey!

Have you come across any other backpacker-friendly sources for equipment? Feel free to share in the comments section.

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