Campsite review: Mangahuia DOC campsite, Tongariro National Park

The Mangahuia DOC campsite is a great little place to stay in beautiful nature. The atmosphere is quiet, but it’s a transient place due to most campers using it for a one- or two-night stay when doing one-day hikes in the area.

The Mangahuia Department of Conservation campsite is situated at the edge of Tongariro National Park, right next to a small river. It’s rather a small campground, providing only 17 tent sites. There is also a part reserved for camper vans. The great thing about this campground is that it’s not one big open meadow; instead, tent sites are more sheltered between bushes and trees, making it a very peaceful and quiet campground.

It also features a very handy cooking shelter with wash hand basins and tap water, making the task of cooking a lot more comfortable after your return from a whole day of walking the Tongariro Crossing. There are picnic tables and benches for you to eat your dinner at, and there’s also a little stream for you to cool your tired feet in after your big hike.

Mangahuia DOC campsite Tongariro

cooking shelter at Mangahuia DOC campsite, Tongariro


  • Type: Standard
  • Fee: $4.10 per person per night
  • Location: just off state highway 47 (SH 47), 6 km from National Park township, gravel road access
  • Facilities: cooking shelter, picnic tables, water from tap, long drop toilets, rubbish bins
  • Notes: cars need to be parked on the parking lot as tent sites are only accessible by foot, with the cooking shelter blocking car access to the tent areas.

For more information on Department of Conservation campsites in New Zealand, read my introduction to DOC campsites.

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