Hostel review: Kiwi House, Christchurch

This Japanese-run hostel is the best value hostel in Christchurch, and I’ve been to a few. It is frequented by mostly Asian travellers and holders of working holiday visas, and offers both nightly, weekly and monthly stays/rates.

It is not in the four avenues area of Christchurch, but not far from it, meaning that you can easily walk into town in 15 minutes, and it’s a pleasant walk. If you have a car, I would recommend to stay here, as they have free secure (locked gate) parking in the courtyard. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

Hostel set-up and facilities:
The hostel is behind locked gates and can only be entered by ringing the bell from the pavement. This doesn’t mean it’s in a bad area – not at all. It just means that visitors cannot just enter the hostel like they could in so many other hostels in Christchurch, and this gives peace of mind to those that are staying a little longer at KiwiHouse.
There are two kitchens, which are well equipped and well organised but can get crowded. Nice homey feel though. There’s also a TV lounge, a garden, laundry facilities and clothes line and a garden, and free parking in the big parking lot in the courtyard. There are enough bathrooms, I never had to wait in line for a shower, and everything is very clean.

I stayed in a 6-bed dorm and an 8-bed dorm. Although the 6-bed dorm was tiny, space was still maximised in a way that you could stow away your belongings efficiently. Beds are bunks, and I found them slightly bigger and more stable than in other hostels. The 8-bed dorm had enough storage and space to feel comfy, good ventilation too.

Staff were extremely kind and very helpful and accommodating.

Homey, friendly, Asian hospitality and guests, not a party hostel.

I can recommend the Big Kiwi House (there’s a small one too, which I have not stayed at and hence cannot comment on) to anyone seeking a clean, safe, convenient, quiet and cheap place to stay in Christchurch, especially if you stay for longer than just 2 nights.

Christina Hegele

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