Hostel review: Rowena’s Lodge, Wellington

Certainly one of the worst hostels I have ever been to. Let’s start with the good things though.

The location isn’t bad, not too far away from Te Papa Museum.

And that’s it. That was a pretty short list. Everything else, just forget it. It’s dirty (overall, rooms and facilities), there’s no hot water in the showers (I tried several, at various times of the day, evening and night), and management/staff are rude and don’t care.

My partner and I stayed in a 6-bed dorm for two nights. Granted, the room was quite big, but the window didn’t shut properly and there was some sort of balcony or terrace outside that connected our room to others. We were worried about our stuff so we took it with us in our car whenever we left the house. The beds were old squeaky metal-frame bunks with very bad mattresses, and the sheets and bed linen smelled really bad. There was no other furniture in the room apart from what looked like the remnants of an old wardrobe that was fixed to the wall and was missing its doors.

Some of the people we saw i the hostel looked very old and bedraggled, walking around in their dirty underwear, can of beer in hand. At times it seemed like an asylum kind of place, and certainly not like a hostel that welcomes guests. There’s nothing host-y or inviting about it.

I cannot recommend this place to anyone. It’s a hole. Only if you’re on the tightest budget ever… no. You’d rather couch surf.

Christina Hegele

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