Polynesian Spa in Rotorua: perfect after a day of Zorbing, luging and white-water rafting

Meagaan and I had an action-packed day in Rotorua a wee while ago. We started off the day with white-water rafting with our friends at Kaitiaki, then drove on to roll ourselves down a hill in giant hamsterballs (aka zorbing), and topped it off with something non-water-related to dry our hair: the advanced hair dryer called luging.

We simply had to relax at some point! But where to go in Rotorua… well, that was easy. We decided to stick with our water theme and went to the Polynesian Spa.

The Polynesian Spa in Rotorua

Entrance to the Polynesian Spa
Promising! At the Polynesian Spa

The Polynesian Spa offers a range of mineral pools arranged in different zones or areas. Guests can choose from

  • the Family Spa, a large chlorinated pool of freshwater, with a hydro slide, as well as two hot mineral pools overlooking the big freshwater pool,
  • the Lake Spa, offering four mineral rock pools with different water temperatures, and views of Lake Rotorua,
  • the Adult Pools and Priest Spa, with seven hot mineral pools and views of Lake Rotorua,
  • Private pools, both deluxe and standard, which are available for 30 mins for two adults minimum.
Polynesian Spa in Rotorua

Meagaan and I went for the Lake Spa, and we didn’t regret it. I had visited the Family Spa and Priest Spa before, which were lovely, however I really enjoyed a bit more space and less people around me at the Lake Spa. The temperature of the hot pools was great, however the last and hottest one, at 42 degrees Celsius, needed some getting used to. The beauty of these pools lies in their careful design, the well-groomed greenery and the views onto Lake Rotorua.

Polynesian Spa, Rotorua
Polynesian Spa, Rotorua
Polynesian Spa, Rotorua
Polynesian Spa, views over Lake Rotorua

The facilities were impeccable, with big, heated changing rooms, showers, hair dryers and lockers, as well as numerous fabulously fluffy towels. Plenty of deck chairs were available next to the pools to take breaks from the hot water.

Polynesian Spa, Rotorua
Polynesian Spa, Rotorua


The details:

The Polynesian Spa is located on Hinemoa Street in central Rotorua. The spa sits right next to the lake. Opening hours are 8am to 11pm, daily. Prices start from 18 NZD for adults. For more information, visit Polynesian Spa.

The Polynesian Spa, in Rotorua
The Polynesian Spa, in Rotorua

Have you been to the Polynesian Spa?

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