Hostel review: Stoney Creek, Fiji

Stoney Creek Resort, Nadi, Fiji

Stoney Creek Resort, Nadi, Fiji

I had a great time at Stoney Creek Resort in Fiji, and if I had to stay in Nadi again for a night, I’d certainly choose this isolated little place again.

Stoney Creek Resort is not the picture postcard setting that many would imagine thinking of Fiji – it’s not in a secluded bay, it’s not even by the beach, and it’s doesn’t provide Fijian dancing or other ceremonies that are omnipresent in many a resort on the outlying islands.

Stoney Creek Resort, Fiji

View of the mountains from Stoney Creek Resort

It is, instead, a unique place in the mountains, but only a short (albeit sometimes adventurous) taxi ride out of Nadi, that allows you to avoid many an overpriced sub-standard hotel near the airport.

The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed, there’s a big pool, it’s set up nicely and oddly has a wild west theme going on here and there. It’s not overdone to the point where you’d wish you were in Mexico though, but this oddity makes it all the more charming.

That is also the word for the owner Michelle. We were the only guests during the first night of our stay, and were welcomed at the gate, where she berated the taxi driver for wanting to charge us more than the normal fare. She was extremely friendly, welcoming and helpful and made us custom dinners the same night. There was no menu, she just asked what we liked and she and her staff would make it for us.

Stoney Creek Resort, Fiji

The dining area at Stoney Creek Resort, Fiji

The service was wonderful throughout the three days we stayed. Even before we arrived she replied quickly to our emails, and during our stay she took calls from our relatives and took messages, and she also sat down with us for a meal, a drink or just a chat. It is certainly one of the most personal, professional and pleasant customer service I have experienced.

Stoney Creek Resort, Fiji

Inside the bure at Stoney Creek Resort, Fiji

Our bure was small but very nicely decorated. Remember that this is not a 4 or 5 star resort on a secluded island, and it doesn’t pretend to be. Everything’s pretty new, nicely done but not flashy or luxurious, rather down-to-earth. It’s a gem just a bit outside of Nadi (which is not so nice), and we were surprised the hotel/resort did not have more customers at that time. It’s really inexpensive, very good value for money.

Stoney Creek Resort, Fiji

The bure at Stoney Creek Resort, Fiji

All in all, very clean, very pleasant, great service and very likable staff that really make an effort to host you, not to just provide you with a room and a meal and a quick bula before you head off to the Yasawa Flyer. Highly recommended.

Christina Hegele

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  1. meagaan
    17 February, 2011 at 21:11

    Fiji is high up on my list of places to visit. I will definitely keep this in mind if I ever make it there! Thanks for the post!

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