Hotel review: Comfort Inn Ballston, Arlington

I stayed at this hotel with two friends and we had a double queen bed room. To be honest, it’s not like we had a totally bad time there, but on the whole, it was a weird experience due to several issues.

In all fairness, I have to say upfront that the room was huge and the bathroom big enough. We had enough TV channels, the beds were comfortable and the air conditioning worked. However, the furniture, decoration and overall room design was just awful. The room and the hotel overall didn’t look shabby, everything was in ok condition, but the feeling we got was that that seemed to be enough and that there was no motivation to ever improve or be better than a barely acceptable mediocre. The hallways were dull and boring, the elevator the slowest in history, and it seemed like the place had already seen its best days – a long time ago.

The breakfast was terrible. There was not much on offer on the whole. There was no fruit when we were there, the cereal was stale, and the other meals offered were very unhealthy, not appetizing, and some looked like they just came out of a 100-piece multipack from the cheapest supermarket.

Staff wasn’t very attentive as a spare bed had been put in our room although it was requested by the people next door, and it took staff a whole day to pick it back up and put it where it was needed – after we had put it out on the corridor.

In a positive note, everything was very clean and there was no noise from other rooms or from the corridor, so at least we got a good night’s sleep.

Still, I wouldn’t stay there again, at these prices.

Christina Hegele

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