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Bungy jumping in Queenstown (part II): what happens when you bungy jump (with video)

The Kawarau Bridge bungy near Queenstown, the world’s first commercial bungy jump, attracts tens of thousands of jumpers a year, and many more spectators and visitors. My previous post on bungy jumping in Queenstown focussed on all the options you have available, from location to jump styles to combo packages. Continuing our journey from there, this post is about what… Read more →

Bungy jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand

Bungy jumping in Queenstown (part I): what you need to know before jumping

It’s inescapable when you’re in Queenstown. People sporting AJ Hackett T-shirts paired with a euphoric grin, high-fiving each other. That’s what bungy jumping in Queenstown does to you. The countless flyers and prospects featuring people hanging upside down, ankles attached to a rubber rope. The constant excited buzz of people telling tales of their braveries… It’s infectious! Read more →

Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

9 things to do in Queenstown that won’t strain your wallet

Many a traveller faces the same situation while in Queenstown: there is so much adventure on offer, but they are on a budget and can’t do everything. They could fill a whole week going on adventures of varying shades of crazy, be that bungy jumping, a guided LOTR film locations tour, or speed boating. Whilst great experiences, these activities come… Read more →

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